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Innovation, efficiency and service are our strengths that enable us to grow as a partner of choice for our customers.

The quality of the product is guaranteed by the selection of the best raw materials combined with the most advanced production technologies.

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Partnerships with suppliers and customers

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The strength of an experience gained in over twenty years of work in the sector, allows us to be a team that knows perfectly the specifics of the market and its technical and commercial needs.

Our goal is to be the supplier technically prepared and close to the commercial needs of the customer. Our customers consider us the most reliable partner for solutions in the vending world.

—- Stirrers

The quality of our product is widely recognized in the vending industry, where we aim to be the reliable partner of our customers.

We have added to the traditional solutions, the new wood and biocompostable solutions certified OK COMPOST..

Our solutions aim to be fully compliant with the regulations on the prohibition of single-use and are fully usable, in accordance with UNI 13432..

Stirrers – Biocompostable

Our Biocompostable stirrers, certified OK COMPOST UNI 13432 – degrade completely in compost within 90 days. Our biocompostable solution is highly reliable with optimal release performance on all dispensers.

Stirrers – Wood

Our wooden stirrers, FSC certified, are customizable in the wrapping according to the desired graphics.

Plastic Stirrers

Our traditional range is supplied in different sizes and specifications, which can also be customized to customer’s brand.




and service.

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